We are grateful to God for another year, for his grace and his mercy that he has given us to embrace his plan and purpose for our lives.
This will be a year that those that wept at night will rejoice in the morning, this will be the year that God will answer the prayers that you have prayed. For some you have believed God and waited for God to move in some areas of your life, this is the season that God will move in your life, he is showing his power very strong on earth, he is manifesting his glory all around the world.

Many of you are hearing or experiencing revival in your cities and seeing God make impossible situations possible, but there is even more coming, the former rain and the latter rain is at hand (Joel 2:23) And this rain of the spirit of God is not just on select group of people, it will be the manifestation of the power and presence of Jesus through each and every one of sons and daughters of the kingdom.

Make yourself available to God, there will be so many things that will try to derail you from the pursuit of the heart of God, but know that you are called and still on the earth for such a time like this and you are needed in the kingdom for the KING is coming back soon ! This is a new season for you, Jesus is calling you to pick of your cross and follow him, not follow anyone else, but follow Jesus Christ. Whenever we hear the word picking up our cross the first thing that comes into our mind is suffering and pain for the sake of Jesus, well that’s part of it because when we pick up our cross we are crucifying the flesh and is painful to do that.

But Paul said something more about that in 1st Cor 1:18, “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God ”One thing that we do not hear that much is that picking up our cross is also picking up the POWER OF GOD, For the cross is the demonstration of the power of God.
This will be a season for sons and daughters of God to manifest the power of the King of the kingdom that we have been engrafted into. But also this is the year that we must get serious with God, no more playing game, no more playing church, God is releasing his spirit and power and at the same time releasing a warning and call for repentance not just for the Nation of America but also for the body of Christ, a lot of things we got away with before we will not get away with in this season that we are entering. The words of Jesus in the book of revelation is been ringing through my ears through the end of this year.

So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth. Revelation 3:16
God is calling us to embrace his fire, this fire will purge you (Isaiah 6:5) and set your heart burning for Jesus Christ, he is calling his church to righteousness and Holiness. Righteousness and holiness surround the throne of God. God will never be ok with sin, he sent Jesus Christ to die so that the power of sin can be broken off us and we take on the image of God. This is the time to fully return back to God, repent of any areas that you are falling short and let the fire of God purge you so that you become a burning one. I pray that you will make the decision to go all in into God in this season and not turning back, seeking him with everything inside of you and not settling for nothing less than the fullness of Jesus Christ. You are in my prayers and this is your year, it doesn’t matter what is happened in the past, God is the God of new beginning and he is doing a new thing in your life and I pray that you will see the areas and how he is working on your behalf.
If you have a prayer request that you will like for me to agree with you on please email us at info@jftn.org. God bless you and get READY for the outpouring of the FIRE of God upon your life.
                                                                                                                                                      Prayer Request
Please pray for me as I travel to Ivorie Coast Africa, on the 18th of January to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. God is given us a great open door to that nation that we are also planning a stadium crusade for August 2022.
Thank you
Joel Chuks